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A flagstone or slate patio is one of the most appealing kinds of patios you can have. It’s hard to beat the natural look of slate or flagstone. Comparable in price to a patio made of other hardscapes like pavers or stamped concrete, flagstone is a great option.

Interlocking Pavers

Pavers are pre-formed concrete tiles made to simulate cobblestone, tile, brick, or even chiseled stone. The use of concrete pavers in both patios and pathways have been gaining in popularity over the years. Historically, the use of clay / brick pavers in landscaping had been more popular. But pavers have evolved and now instead of using brick pavers, interlocking concrete pavers are preferred in modern landscapes. This is due to their increased strength. And in recent years there have been dramatic improvements in the variety and patterns of pavers available.


Dry-Stack Rock Walls

Rocks Walls are made by carefully stacked rock to form a beautiful and natural rock retaining wall. When constructed properly, they are actually quite strong. They have a natural and free flowing look. Basalt rock walls fit well with less formal landscapes and compliment flagstone work and water features very well.

Large Boulder Rock Walls

For larger projects, we can install a large boulder rock wall. These walls are typically engineered and very well constructed to handle the load of larger slopes. Once installed, they are every bit as stable as a segmental retaining wall but with the nice free form look of natural rock.